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We are happy to answer any question you may have about the programs at Queen City Kettlebell.  Here are some of the most common questions we come across!

I am really out of shape and don’t know if I can keep up with the group. What should I do?

You should come to class! One of the things that we take great pride in is being able to scale a workout and coordinate a progressive system that allows the very fit to exercise alongside the…uh…NOT-so-fit. Also, keep in mind, everyone in the group started somewhere and is supportive of new people, because they were new once too! It is a very encouraging environment. TOUGH – but encouraging.


Are kettlebells dangerous? Am I too young or too old?

Only 8.8% of top Russian lifters, members of the Russian National Team and regional teams, reported injuries in training or competition (Voropayev, 1997). A remarkably low number! 

Note: These were not normal gym goers; not the Ken and Barbie type who only care about the aesthetics, but elite athletes who push their bodies to the edge. That does not give anyone an excuse to lift kettlebells haphazardly. Any type of strength training can be dangerous if you use bad judgment. As for age; at the 1995 Russian Championship, the youngest contestant was 16, the oldest 53! We are talking elite competition; the range is wider when you are training for yourself and not the gold.


How is Queen City Kettlebell different from other facilities?

First of all, we are the original kettlebell facility in Cincinnati. There is the kettlebell and the HARDSTYLE system in which we follow.

Second: Achieving results. Individuals who follow our recommendations learn how to move better and become stronger.* We focus on movement through strength to achieve our goals of getting you stronger, leaner, and in better shape than before you started at Queen City Kettlebell.

Third:  The group. We have amazing members who are all here for the same reason, which is to move, feel and look better.  Everyone is supportive and encouraging. We do not tolerate negative attitudes.

Fourth:  Accountability.  Most exercise programs fail because there is limited or no accountability.  We hold our clients accountable when they sign up for class.  Because we see people using this system every day, we see it work and we want our clients to give 100% every time to maximize their results

Because of all this, we are very different from a typical “gym,” both philosophically and in practice. This is the reason we use the term “Training Facility” or “Training Hall.”  The system also has the nickname “House of Hardstyle” because the system is called the Hardstyle School of Strength.


Is the kettlebell the only thing you use?

Our primary tool is the Russian kettlebell and we use it for the majority of what we do. We are strong believers that if you want the best information, you should get it from the source whenever possible.  We also use a few other tools we implement as well; barbells, rings, and the simple jump rope, to name a few.


Can I go between the different class times?

We want our program to work for you and your busy schedule.  For the convenience of our clients, we have several sessions throughout the week that match their skill level.  We do require that new clients attend our Intro session to learn the basic skills correctly.  We are sticklers for form!  As you take more classes your skills and your conditioning will improve and you can take more and more sessions through out the week.


What do I bring to the kettlebell sessions / Do I need to bring my own kettlebell to class?  What do I wear to class?

You will need:

  1. A bottle of water.
  2. We provide a towel service.  We love that you love our towel service but please don’t love our towel service so much you take them home!
  3. Appropriate clothing. Wear comfortable, soft, loose clothing that allows you to move.  However, don’t wear baggier clothes that inhibits the instructor’s ability to analyze your posture and form during the workout.  Also, we prefer that our clients come prepared to workout barefoot (we discuss this in class very often) and if it is a must, wear shoes with a flat sole. Think Converse All Stars.
  4. You do not need to bring your own kettlebell. We have enough kettlebells and in varying weights that bringing your own is not necessary


Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely!  Not only can you bring a friend, you absolutely should bring a friend!  The highest compliment you can give us is to refer your friends and family. Word of mouth referrals from happy campers is a huge part of what keeps our business growing and becoming better and better.  Because of that, we REWARD our customers for referring other people to class by giving discounts on your next package.  Please ask about our client referral program.


How much does it cost? How does the payment system work?

Some clients come to us for individual instruction and personal training, and we also have clients that meet with us anywhere from 2-5 times/week in group kettlebell classes depending on their goals, motivation, and budget.  Please see the training staff about their personal training rates.

We currently offer several different packages, tailored to your needs.  Please know that YOU MUST take the Intro session first in order to start taking our group sessions.

We do have a unlimited monthly group session plan (without a contract, but we do require that you let us know 30 days in advance that you would like to cancel or change  your plan with us).

We currently accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Checks and credit card sales are subject to Ohio State sales tax.


What If I have to miss a class or several classes / Inclement weather?

It’s ok.  We understand things come up in the busy world we live in.  If you have signed up for class online, please remove yourself as soon as you know you will be unable to make the scheduled time.  If for whatever reason you are unable to cancel online (which does happen), please call the facility and talk to the staff and or leave a message.

In the winter we occasionally have icy and/or snow covered roads.  Check your local news.  If the local schools are closed (Norwood and Cincinnati Public) because of weather, we will most likely not meet.  If you have any questions or concerns because of the current weather, please give us a call.


What’s your cancellation policy and why do you have one?

All of our private and small group training sessions carry a 24-hour cancellation policy. For more details regarding our policy, and why it’s in place, please click here.


How do I sign up?

You can sign up online under the orange Schedule Now button on the right hand side of the page.  The tab is also available on our Facebook page.  Just click the tab and follow the steps – it’s pretty easy!  Please let us know if this is your first time with us.

As always you can call us at  513-549-0552 or email us at Info@queencitykettlebell.com to sign up or to answer any other questions you may have! Feel free to also use the contest form found below. 


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*All of the testimonials on this website are published in good faith and written by people who have used our services. We do not make any warranties about the completeness or accuracy of this information. Each individual may experience different results as no two people are the same. Any action taken upon the information on our website is at your own discretion and we will not be liable for any losses in connection with information taken from our testimonials.


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