Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts

Prep A: x2
PVC Disloactors x10 
PVC Halos x10+10
PVC Goodmornings x10 

Prep B: x3
Turkish Get-Up x1+1
Push Ups Plank x:20
Cross-Body Mountain Climbers x20V Ups x10 

A: x3
Kettlebell Military Press w 3 count eccentric x3+3

*Press and slowly return the bell to the rack slowly for a 3 count 

B: x3
Kettlebell Floor Press from Get-Up Position x3+3

*Press starts from the start position of the Get-Up 

C: x1
Max Rep 
Push Ups x1:00
Dips x1:00

Rest 2:00 b/t exercises

D: x4
For Time: 
Kettlebell Snatch x10+10
Broad Jump x10
Explosive Push Ups x2

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