Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts

Prep A: x2
Arm Circles x10 ea direction 
Arm Hugs x20
Walkout to Up Dog to Down Dog x5

Prep B: x1
Jumping Jacks x20
Cossack Side Lunges x10+10
Prone Scorpions x10+10
PVC Dislocators x20
PVC Overhead Lunges x10+10
PVC Back Squats x20

A: x2
x5-3-1 ladder
Kettlebell Overhead Squat 

*Try to perform all reps in the ladder without setting the bell down. 

B: x3
Kettlebell Snatch x10+10
Push Ups x10 

C: x6
Hollow Rocks x:20
Rest x:10
Lying Leg Raises x:20
Rest x:20

D: x1
For Time:
One Arm Swings x100 total reps 

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