Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts

Prep A: x3
Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30
Side Lunge Stretch x:30+:30

Prep B: x3
Leg Swings x10 each direction
PVC Halos x10 
Air Squats x10 @ 3:3:3

*3 seconds, pause, and up

A: x3
Long Cycle Clean and Push Press x5+5

Clean, push press then quickly re-clean and pause before performing another push press.
After the first clean it should feel like a push press + clean
Perfect for double bells 

B: x3
Kettlebell Front Squat x5+5 @ 3:3:3

C: x10-8-6-4-2 resp ea
Kettlebell Clean per side
Tiger Push Ups 

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