Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts

Prep A: x10min
Work through the stretches in the amount time 
Hip Flexor
Stretch Pike Stretch 
Pigeon Pose
Squat Hold 
Up Dog 
Dog Dog

Pre B: x4
Turkish Get Up x1+1
Dive Bomber Push Ups x10

A: x3
Goblet Squat x3

B: x3
Kettlebell Deadlift x6

C: x3
Kettlebell Swings x12

*No rest b/t A, B, and C

D: x5
2min rep max of: 
Kettlebell Clean + Front Squat x5
Sumo Deadlift High Pull x5

Rest 2:00

Repeat for 5 rounds

*Switch sides on Clean + Squat every time you start new set 

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