Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts

Prep A: x3
PVC Thoracic Stretch x:20
PVC Assisted Hip Flexor Stretch x:20+:20

*Perform a PVC Dislocator and keep the PVC behind you for a deep stretch. 

Prep B: x2
PVC Dislocator x15
PVC Overhead Squats x15

A: x3
Push Ups x10
Bodyweight Squats x10

x5-3-1-1-3-5 ea side 
Kettlebell Snatch 

*Try to perform without setting the bell down. 

C: x4
Bear Crawl x20 steps
Flutter Kicks x50

D: x12min
Rep Max
Kettlebell Thruster x6
Bent Over Kettlebell Row x6
Goblet Lunges x12
V Ups x12

*Switch arms each round. 

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