Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts

Prep A: x2
Doorway Pec Stretch x:30+:30
Reverse Armbar x:30+:30
Hip Flex Stretch x:30+:30
Standing Pike Stretch x:30+:30
Frog Stretch x:60

Prep B: x3
Kettlebell Halos x5+5
Kettlebell Swings x5
Bodyweight Squats x10

A: x7
Every 2 Min:
One Arm Swing x2 + Snatch x4 + Front Squat x3

*Switch sides every 2 minutes 
**Perform as a chain

B: x1
“Boom Done”
V Sits x100

C: x8For time (ish)
PVC Overhead Squats x8
PVC Good Mornings x8
Kettlebell Swings x8
Push Ups x8 

*For time aside, focus on technical prowess while simultaneously being aware of the clock. 

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