Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts

Prep A: x2
PVC Disloactor Stretch x:20
Supine PVC Pec Stretch x:20

*Disloactor stretch bring the PVC behind back and holding it there
*Supine stretch, bring PVC as close to the floor as you can. You should feel the stretch in the pecs

Prep B: x2
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch x:20+:20
Goblet Squats x5 with leg pry at the bottom

A: x2
Jumping Jacks x10
Kettlebell Swings x10 
PVC Thrusters x10 

B: x6
High Plank x:20
Rest x:10
Hollow Hold x:20
Rest x:10

C: x16min
Rep Max
Kettlebell Snatch x4 + Front Squat x4
Jumping Jacks x40

*Perform snatch + squat chain on each side before jumping jacks 

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