Thursday, Mar. 11

Prep A: x2Dow Circles x10+10Overhead Dow Circles x10+10Dow Good Mornings x10Dow Back Squats x10 Prep B: x3Turkish Get-up x1+1Push Ups x10 A: x2Floor Press x6+6Floor Press x4+4Floor Press x2+2 *Perfect for double bells B: x2Kettlebell Military Press + Push Press x1+1 C: x121-15-9DipsBicycles

Saturday, Mar. 6

Prep: x3Walkouts x5Spiderman w T-Spine Rotation x5+5Walkout and Walk Back to Squat x5Bodyweight Squats x5Kettlebell Swings x10 A: x12Every 2 min perform as a complex on one side One Arm Swing x3 Clean x3 Press x3 Front Squat x3 Snatch x3 Reverse Get-Up x1 Floor Press x3 Get Up to Standing 

Friday, Mar. 5

Prep A: x2Supine Pigeon Pose x:30+:30Pigeon Pose x:30+:30 Prep B: x2TGU x1+1Kettlebell Bent Over Rows x5+5 A: x3Band Pull a parts x10Dow Disloactors x10Dow Halos x10 B: x1Kettlebell Clean + Press x3+3Kettlebell Clean + Press x2+2Kettlebell Clean + Press x1+1Kettlebell Clean + Press x1+1Kettlebell Clean + Press x1+1 *Perfect complex for double kettlebells C: x1Kettlebell […]

Thursday, Mar. 4

Prep A: x3TGU to 1/2 Kneel then rack the bell and stand up. Then perform 5 reps of one arm swings. Then repeat on the other side. *There is no “down” portion of the TGU A: x6EMOMKettlebell Snatch + Front Squat x1+1 Rest 2: 00 B: x6EMOMKettlebell Clean + Front Squat x1+1 Rest 2:00 C: […]