Wednesday, August 18

Prep A: x2Prone Pec Stretch x:20+:20Pigeon Pose x:20+:20 Prep B: x2Line Jumps x30+30+30Bodyweight Squats x10 Prep C: x2Mountain Climbers x20Kettlebell Halos x10+10 A: x3Kettlebell Front Squat x5 + Press x5 + High Pull x5 *Perform chain on each arm before setting the bell down.  B: x3Strict Toe Touches x10 Kettlebell RDL x10 C: x10For Time: Walkouts x3Spiderman […]

Tuesday, August 17

Prep A: x2Leg Swings Side to Side x10+10Leg Swings Front to Back x10+10Goblet Squats x5 Prep B: x2Arm Swings x10+10Arm Circles Forward & Backward x10+10Push Ups x10  A: x10minEMOMKettlebell Clean + Snatch x2 *perform chain on both arms each minute  B: x1Not for time but limit rest Strict V sits x10PVC Goodmornings x15Kneeling Glute Bridges x20Kettlebell […]

Monday, August 16

Prep A: x3Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30Standing Pike Stretch x:30+:30Frog Stretch x:30 Prep B: x3Turkish Get Up x1+1Kettlebell Swings x10 + Goblet Squat x1 A: x5Goblet or Front Squat x5 (5+5)Kettlebell Military Press x5+5Kettlebell Swings x10  *Perform as a slow circuit  B: For Time: Kettlebell Snatch x10+10Tiger Push Ups x10PVC Overhead Squats x10Kettlebell Cleans x10+10Tiger Push Ups […]

Friday, August 13

Prep A: x2Arm Circles Forward x10Arm Circles Backward x10Arm Hugs x10  Prep B: x2Prone Pec Stretch x:20+:20Spiderman Lunge x:20+:20Squat Hold x:20 A: x10minEMOMKettlebell Snatch x5+5 Rest 2min B: x10minEMOM Kettlebell Clean + Push Press x2+2 *Perform long cycle clean and push press Rest 2min C: x3V ups x30Russian Twists x30

Thursday, August 12

Prep A: x2Seated Pike Stretch x:30+:30Frog Stretch x:60Supine Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30 Prep B: x3Mountain Climbers x20Bird Dogs x20Thread The Needle x10 A: x10minEvery 2 minKettlebell One Arm Swing x2 + Clean x1 + Snatch x3  *Perform the complex on each side every 2 min B: x6Hardstyle Plank x:20Rest:20Batwing Plank x:20Rest :20 C: 12minAlternating EMOMEven: […]

Wednesday, August 11

Prep A: x3Pigeon Pose x:60+:60Straddle Stretch x:60Standing Pike Stretch x:30+:30 Prep B: x2PVC Dislocators x10 PVC Goodmornings x10 PVC Overhead Squats x10  A: x2-3-5Inverted Goblet Squat Seated Z PressKettlebell Bent Over Rows *Perform 2 reps of each movement then perform a set of  20 kettlebell swings. Then perform 3 reps of each movement with swings after, and then […]

Tuesday, August 10

Prep A: x3Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30Spiderman Stretch x:30+:30Doorway Squats x10 Prep B: x2PVC Dislocators x10PVC Halos x10+10PVC Goodmornings x10 Kettlebell Swings x10 + Goblet Squat x1 A: x10minEvery 2 minKettlebell Clean x2 + Thruster x1 + Push Press x3  *Perform the complex on each side every 2 min B: x3Flutter Kicks x:20Rest:20Super Plank x:20Rest :20Hollow Rocks […]

Monday, August 9

Prep A: x2Up Dog Stretch x:60Down Dog Stretch x:60Straddle Stretch x:60Pigeon Pose x:60+:60Cat-Camels x20 Prep B: x2Mountain Climbers x20Bodyweight Lunges x10 A: x5Goblet Squat x5Kettlebell Military Press x5+5Kettlebell Swings x10  *Perform as a slow circuit B: x10minRep MaxKettlebell Snatch to Rack to Front Squat x5+5Bodyweight Squats x15

Friday, August 6

Prep A: x3Arm Circles x20 forward & backwardArm Hugs x20 total Spiderman Lunges x20 total Side Lunges x20 total  Prep B: x3Side Shuffle x10 steps ea direction Bodyweight Squats x10 A: x12minEver 2 minKettlebell Cluster x3+3 Clean + Front Squat + Thruster *Clean from the floor each rep before squat and thruster  B: For Time: Jumping Jacks x100Bodyweight Squats x50Kettlebell Swings […]

Thursday, August 5

Prep A: x2Standing Straddle Stretch x:30Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30Glute Bridges x10 Prep B: x2Jumping Jacks x100Line Jumps x30+30+30Bodyweight Squats x25 A: Goblet Squat x2-3-5 Then Rep Max in 1min B: Push Ups x2-3-5 Then Rep Max in 1minC: For Time: Kettlebell Clean + Front Squat x5+5V Ups x20 Kettlebell Clean + Front Squat x4+4V Ups x20Kettlebell Clean + Front Squat x3+3V Ups […]