Saturday, September 11

Prep A: x2Walkouts x5Pushups x5 Walkouts x5 Air squats x10 “9-11”Kettlebell Swings x343 for the FDNYTiger Push Ups x23 for the NYPDGoblet squats x37 for the NY Port Authority  American 111 / United 175 (NY)Bodyweight Squats x87Push ups x60 American 77 (Pentagon)V-Ups x59 United 93 (Shanksville) Kettlebell Snatch x40 *Finish all the reps in any set scheme until […]

Friday, September 10

Prep A: x2High Knees x20 totalButt Kicks x20 total Side Shuffle x20 ea direction Jumping Jacks x20 Prep B: x2PVC Dislocators x10 PVC Halos x10PCV Back Squat x10  A: x6Every 2min Kettlebell Snatch x10+10 Rest 3:00 B: x6Every 2 min Long Cycle Kettlebell Clean and Jerk x3+3 Rest 3:00 C: x12-15-9Russian TwistsMountain Climbers D: x8min Rep MaxKettlebell Sumo Deadlift High […]

Thursday, September 9

Prep A: x2Pigen Pose x:20+:20Spiderman Lunge x:20+:20Hands overhead Glute Bridge w :10 Hold x5 Prep B: x2Bodyweight Squats x15Push Ups x10PVC Dislocators x10PVC Goodmornings x10 Walkouts x5 A: x6Turkish Get Up x1 w Front Squat x5 Rest 2:00 B: For Time: Jumping Jacks x100Walking Lunges x50 totalKettlebell Swings x20 Jumping Jacks x100Kettlebell Swings x20Walking Lunges x50 total Jumping Jacks x100

Wednesday, September 8

Prep A: x2Elevated Pigeon Stretch x:30+:30Bodyweight Squat Hold x:30Standing Pike Stretch x:30+:30Bodyweight Squat Hold x:30 Prep B: Jumping Jacks x100 A: x2Goblet Squat x2 @3:3:3 *Squat 3 count down with 3 count hold in the squat and 3 count ascent  B: x3Kettlebell Military Press x3+3 @1:3:1 *Hold the lockout for a 3 count each rep C: […]

Tuesday, September 7

Prep A: x3Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30Frog Stretch x:30Straddle Stretch x:30 Prep B: x3Leg Swings Front to Back x10+10Leg Swings Side to Side x10+10PVC Dislocators x10PVC Overhead Squats x10  A: x10minEMOMx5, x5, x4, x4, x3, x3, x2, x2, x1, x1Long Cycle Kettlebell Clean + Push Press ea side  *perform the corresponding reps of the descending […]

Tuesday, August 24

Prep A: x2Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30Frog Stretch x:60Straddle Stretch x:60 Prep B: x2Leg Swings x10 ea direction PVC Desolators x10PVC Overhead Squats  A: x5Every 2 min5 to 1 descending ladderKettlebell Clean + Jerk or Push Press *First round perform a long cycle clean + jerk for 5 reps. Then long cycle clean + jerk for 4 […]

Monday, August 23

Prep A: x2Pigeon Pose x:20+:20Down Dog x:20Up Dog x:20 Prep B: x3Behind the Back Kettlebell Good Mornings x10 Bodyweight Squats x10 A: x5Turkish Get Up w Press at Tri-pod x1+1Bodyweight Split Squats x10+10 B: x5Floor Press from Turkish Get Up Start Position x5+5Kettlebell RDL to Single Leg Deadlift x3+3 *Perform a kettlebell RDL. After lock out […]

Saturday, August 21

Prep A: x2Pigeon Pose x:20+:20Hip Flexor Stretch x:20+:20Bodyweight Squats x5Forward Fold x:20PVC Good Mornings x10Kettlebell Swings x10 Prep B: x3Kettlebell Halos x5+5Walkouts x10Mountain Climbers x10 total A: x6Hardstyle Plank x:20Rest x:10Hollow Hold x:20Rest x:10 B: x12 roundsEvery 2min perform the chain:One Arm Swings x3Kettlebell Cleans x3Kettlebell Front Squats x3Kettlebell Press x3Kettlebell Snatch x3Reverse Get UpFloor […]

Friday, August 20

Prep A: x3Hip Flexor Stretch Against a wall x:20+:20Spiderman Lunge x:20+:20Cossack Side Lunges 5+5 Prep B: x3Butt Kicks x10 total High Knees x10 total Bear Crawl Forward x10 steps Bear Crawl Backward x10 steps  A: x12minEvery 2 min perform Goblet Reverse Lunges x8 total Dips x8 B: x4Walkouts x:20Rest x:20Batwing Plank x:20Rest x:20 C: x20minEvery other minEven: Goblet Squats x10 Odd: […]

Thursday, August 19

Prep A: x3Hip Flexor Stretch x:20+:20Frog Stretch x:20Standing Pike Stretch x:20+:20Goblet Squat Hold x:20 Prep B: x2Jumping Jacks x20Bodyweight Squats x10 A: x6Turkish Get Up x1+1Deadbugs x20 total  B: x12minRep MaxKettlebell Push Press x2+2Goblet Squats x2Kettlebell Swings x2Kettlebell Push Press x4+4Goblet Squats x4Kettlebell Swings x4…continue theme for 12 minutes