Saturday, July 10

Prep A: x2Hip Flexor Stretch x:20+:20Pigeon Pose x:20+:20Bodyweight Squats x5Standing Pike Stretch x:20+20Kettlebell Swings x5 Prep B: x2Walkouts x5Spiderman Lunges x5+5Push Ups x5Kettlebell Swings x10 + Goblet Squat x1 A: x10minRep MaxAlternating Kettlebell Snatches x10 total Push Ups x20 B: x4Walking Lunges 20 steps Rest x:45Bent Over Kettlebell Rows x10+10Rest :45Hardstyle Plank x:45Rest x:45

Friday, July 9

Prep A: x3Deadbugs x10 Glute Bridges x10Kettlebell Swings x20Jumping Jacks x10 A: x1x5-3-1-1-3-5 ea side Contra Lateral Single Leg Deadlift  B: x1x5-3-1- Rep Max in 1 minDips C: x1x21-15-9Kettlebell Swings Kneeling Glute Bridges D: x1x40-30-20-10Kettlebell Cleans Plank w Shoulder Taps *Spit the reps per side 

Thursday, July 8

Prep A: x3Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30Goblet Squat Hold x:30Pigeon Pose x:30+:30Goblet Squat Hold x:30 Prep B: x2Bear Crawl x10 steps total Duck Walk x10 steps total  A: x10minAlternate MinutesGoblet Squats x4Kettlebell Front Squats x2+2 B: x1For Time: Bodyweight Squats x100

Wednesday, July 7

Prep A: x3Arm Circles ea direction x:20 Standing Pike Stretch x:20+:20Frog Stretch x:20 Prep B: x3Jumping Jacks x10Bodyweight Deck Squats x10Mountain Climbers x10  A: x1x5-3-1-1-3-5 ea side Seated Kettlebell Z Press B: x1x5-3-1-1-3-5 ea side Kettlebell Floor Press C: x1x5-3-1-1-3-5 ea side Kettlebell Military Press D: x5Russian Twists x:15Rest x:15Hollow Hold x:15Rest :15 E: x5Every 2 minutesPush Ups x15Kettlebell […]

Tuesday, July 6

Prep A: x3Pigeon Pose x:30+:30Supine Piriformis Stretch x:30+:30Squat Hold x:30 Prep B: x2PVC Goodmornings x10PVC Disloactors x10Alternating Lunges x20 total  A: x5EMOMKettlebell Clean + Push Press x1+1 B: x5EMOMKettlebell Clean + Front Squat + Push Press x1+1 C: x5For Time: Kettlebell Snatch x5+5Kettlebell Swings x10 Jump Squats x15

Monday, July 5

Prep A: x3PVC Thoracic Stretch x:20PVC Assisted Hip Flexor Stretch x:20+:20 *Perform a PVC Dislocator and keep the PVC behind you for a deep stretch.  Prep B: x2PVC Dislocator x15PVC Overhead Squats x15 A: x3Push Ups x10Bodyweight Squats x10 B:x5-3-1-1-3-5 ea side Kettlebell Snatch  *Try to perform without setting the bell down.  C: x4Bear Crawl x20 […]

Saturday, July 3

Prep: x12minFull Body Mobility  A: Neighborhood Watch 1 mile carry / ruck Grab your kettlebell and walk the neighborhood. Either carry in the suitcase position alternating sides as needed, or in a backpack as a ruck. 

Friday, July 2

Prep A: x2PVC Disloactor Stretch x:20Supine PVC Pec Stretch x:20 *Disloactor stretch bring the PVC behind back and holding it there*Supine stretch, bring PVC as close to the floor as you can. You should feel the stretch in the pecs Prep B: x2Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch x:20+:20Goblet Squats x5 with leg pry at the bottom […]

Thursday, July 1

Prep A: x2Hip Flex Stretch x:20+:20Standing Pike Stretch x:20+:20Pigeon Pose x:20+:20Prone Pike Stretch x:20+:20 Prep B: x2PVC Good Mornings x10PVC Overhead Squats x10 A: x3Kettlebell Front Squat x5+5Goblet Squat x3PVC Overhead Squat x1 B:Accumulate 20 Kettlebell shrugs per side. Hold on top of shrug for 3 count  C: x21-15-9 eaKettlebell Swings Dive Bomber Push Ups 

Wednesday, June 30

Prep A: x2Arm Circles x10 each directionPVC Disloactors x10 Prep B: x3Inchworms to Push Ups x5Batwing Planks x:15Bodyweight Squats x10 Prep C: x1Jumping Jacks x100 A: Alternate betweenx10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1Floor Press x1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10Kettlebell Plank Passthroughs *Perfect for double bells on floor press B: x3Kettlebell Deck Squats x10Russian Twists x10 C: x8minRep MaxKettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull x3Goblet Squats x15