Saturday, September 25

Prep A: x2Pigeon Pose x:20+:20Straddle Stretch x:404-Way Lunge Matrix x1+1 Prep B: x2PVC Dislocators x10 PVC Goodmornings x10 PVC Overhead Squats x10Prone Scorpions x5+5 A: x10EMOMGoblet Squats x5 + Kettlebell Swings x12 B: x2For Time: Jumping Jacks x100Bodyweight Squats x40V Ups x30 Bodyweight Squats x20V Ups x15

Friday, September 24

Prep A: x2Bodyweight Squats x10PVC Arm Circles x10 ea directionArm Hugs x10PVC Dislocators x10  Prep B: x3Batwing Plank x:20Walkouts + Push Ups x5 A: x3Floor Press x3+3Rest :60Z Press x3+3Rest :60Military Press x3+3Rest :60 B: x3Diamond Push Ups x Rep MaxRest :60-:90 C: x21-15-9Kettlebell Clean + Front Squat totalDips Kettlebell Bent Over Rows ea Side 

Wednesday, September 22

Prep A: x3Doorway Pec Stretch x:60+:60Pigeon Pose x:60+:60 Prep B: x2High Knees x20 totalButt Kicks x20 total Side Shuffle x20+20Bodyweight Squats x10 A: x3PVC Dislocators x10PVC Overhead Squats x10 B: x10minEvery 2 minKettlebell Snatch x3 + Overhead Squat x3 *Perform as a chain*Perform on both sides each round  C: x10minEvery 2 minPVC Overhead Squats x15Max Push […]

Monday, September 20

Prep A: x3Straddle Stretch x:20Standing Pike Stretch x:20+:20Supine Hip Flexor Stretch :20+:20 Prep B: x2PVC Halos x10 PVC Dislocators x10 Push Ups x10  A: x3Turkish Get-Up x1+1 B: x3Long Cycle Clean and Jerk x5+5 C: x3Long Cycle Clean and Front Squats x5+5 D: x3Hallow Rocks x20Walkouts x10  E: x3 For Time: Kettlebell Swings x21Bodyweight Squats x15Push Ups x9

Saturday, September 18

Recovery Day Prep A: x10minTurkish Get Up x1+1 A: x15minUpper-body Mobility  B: x15minLower-body Mobility C: x10minT-Spine Mobility  *Pick 2-3 movements each and rotate through them for the time allotted, holding static positions for :30-:60 each.*You should feel good when you’re done, not beat up 

Friday, September 17

Prep A: x2PVC Dislocators x10PVC Goodmornings x10 PVC Overhead Squats x10 Prep B: x2Kettlebell Swings x10 + Goblet Squat x1PVC Thrusters x10 A: x5Kettlebell Swings x:30Rest :90Kettlebell Snatch Left x:30Rest :90Kettlebell Snatch Right x:30Rest :90Long Cycle Kettlebell Clean + Push Press Left x:30Rest :90Long Cycle Kettlebell Clean + Push Press Right x:30Rest :90 *This is about […]

Thursday, September 16

Prep A: x2Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30Standing Pike Stretch x:30+:30Straddle Stretch x:30 Prep B: x2Leg Swings x10 each directionPVC Dislocators x10 PVC Overhead Squats x10  A: x3Goblet Squat x5Glute Bridges x10 B: x3Single Leg Deadlift x8+8Kettlebell Swings x20Glute Bridges x10  C: x3For Time: Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift high Pull x10Bodyweight Squats x30

Wednesday, September 15

Prep A: x2PVC Dislocators x5Leg Swings x10 each directionPVC Halos x10+10PVC Goodmornings x10PVC Overhead Squats x10  A: x2Elevated Push Ups x10Kettlebell Stagger Stance Bent Over Rows x10+10 *Elevated hands roughly 4-6″ for elevated push ups  B: x10minEMOMPush Ups x3Kettlebell Military Press x3+3 C: x3Kettlebell Swings x10 V Ups x10 D: x10minRep MaxKettlebell Clean + Front Squat […]

Tuesday, September 14

Prep A: x2Doorway Pec Stretch x:20+:20Reverse Arm Bar x:20+:20Pigeon Pose x:20+:20 Prep B: x24-Way Lunge Matrix x2+2PVC Dislocators x:10PVC Overhead Squats x10 A: x3Kettlebell Snatch x5+5 Kettlebell Front Squat x5+5 *Perform movement on each arm before the next *Perform as a chain B: x1:00Rep Max Kettlebell Snatch  C: x5For Time: One Arm Swings x5+5Tiger Push Ups x9Hardstyle Plank x:30 […]

Monday, September 13

Prep A: x3Spiderman Lunge x:20+:20Pigeon pose x:20+:20Straddle Stretch x:20Bodyweight Squats x5 Prep B: x3Walkouts x6Bodyweight Split Squats x6+6Goblet Squats x6 A: x3PVC Dislocators x10PVC Halos x10 Push Ups x10  B: x10minEvery 2 min: Kettlebell Dead Stop Clean x3 + Kettlebell Front Squats x3 + Kettlebell Push Press x3 *Perform cleans from the floor each rep *Perform as a chain on […]