Monday, April 12

Prep A: x1Jumping Jacks x20 Prep B: x3Bear Crawl x20 stepsPrisoner Squats x10 Prep C: x3Halos x5+5Turkish Get-Up x1+1 A: x5Long Cycle Clean + Push Press x3+3Rest 1:00 B: x2 Flutter Kicks x30Rest :15V Sits x20Rest :15Kneeling Glute Bridges x30Rest :15 C: x2Kettlebell Swings x20 until 100 repsRest 2:00

Saturday, April 10

Prep: x3Kettlebell Halos x5+5Walkouts x5Up Dog to Down Dog x5Bird Dogs x10Tiger Push Ups x5 A: x28min Rep MaxPush Ups x5Kettlebell Swings x8Jumping Jacks / Jump Rope x100 Rest 6min then repeat second set 

Friday, April 9

Prep A: x2Frog Stretch x:60Pigeon Pose x:30+:30Squat Hold x:30 Prep B: x2Kettlebell Halos x5+5Cat Camels x10Prone Scorpions x5+5Supine Scorpions x5+5Push Ups x10 A: x50-40-30-20-10Kettlebell Swings V Ups *Break the swings up into sets of 10 reps until reps completed per set 

Thursday, April 8

Prep A:  x2Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30Elevated Pigeon Pose x:30+:30 Prep B: x2Jumping Jacks x10Bodyweight Squats x10Kettlebell Swings x10 A: x6Clean + Military Press x2+2Rest :60 *Perfect for double bells  B: x3Clean + Front Squat x Push Press x2+2Rest :60 *Perfect for double bells  C: x3For Time:Kettlebell Snatch x10+10Tiger Push Ups x10

Wednesday, April 7

A: x12minT-Spine Mobility B: x12minLower-Body Mobility  C: x10minUpper-Body Mobility *Pick 2-3 exercises per and work through the time allotted. 

Tuesday, April 6

Prep A: x2Pigeon Pose x:30+:30Frog Stretch x:60 Prep B: x3Bear Crawl x30 stepsGoblet Squat x10 A: x6Kettlebell Front Squat x2+2Rest :60*Perfect for double bells  B: x4Goblet Squat x5 @3:3:3Rest :60 C: Boom DoneV Sits x100

Monday, April 5

Prep A: x1Jumping Jacks / Jump Rope x100 Prep B: x2Cossack Stretch x:30+:30Spiderman Stretch x:30+:30 A: 3Push Ups x10Bodyweight Squats x15 B: x6Military Press x2+2Rest :60 *Perfect for double bells  C: x4High Plank x:30Rest :30Hollow Hold x:30Rest :30 D: For Time: Push Ups x16Kettlebell Cleans x8+8Push Ups x12Kettlebell Cleans x6+6Push Ups x8Kettlebell Cleans x4+4 *Perfect for double […]

Saturday, April 3

Prep: x12minFull Body Mobility  A: Neighborhood Watch 1 mile carry / ruck Grab your kettlebell and walk the neighborhood. Either carry in the suitcase position alternating sides as needed, or in a backpack for a ruck. 

Friday, April 2

Prep A: x2Alternating Quad Pulls x5+5Death Marches x10+10High Knees x20Butt Kicks x20 Prep B: x2Kettlebell Halos x5+5Explosive Push Ups x2 A: x6Turkish Get Up w Press at the Top x1+1Monkey Push Ups x5 B: x4Kettlebell Swings x10 DOW Overhead Squat x10 C: x3Kettlebell Military Press x3+3Bent Over Kettlebell Rows x10+10 *Perfect for double bells  D:  x10Walkout […]

Thursday, April 1

Prep A: x2Supine Pike Stretch x:30+:30Supine Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30Supine Piriformis Stretch x:30+:30 Prep B: x3Walkouts x10Scorpion Stretch x5+5Tiger Push Ups x10Kettlebell Swings x10 + Goblet Squat x1 A: x5EMOMGoblet Squat x5Hand to Hand Swings x10  B: x10Jumping Jacks / Jump Rope / Double Unders x30Dead Stop Kettlebell Swings x10