Wednesday, June 23

Recovery A: x15minUpper-body Mobility  B: x15minLower-body Mobility  C: x10minT-Spine Mobility  Pick 2-3 movements each and rotate through them for the time allotted. You should feel good when you’re done, not beat up  D:  x20minGet outside for a brisk walk. 

Tuesday, June 22

Prep A: x2Doorway Pec Stretch x:20Straddle Stretch x:20Spiderman Lunge x:20+:20 Prep B: x3Jog 30mPVC Dislocators x10PVC Goodmornings x10 A: x3Goblet Walking Lunges x30mGoblet Thrusters 10 B: x6Kettlebell Clean + Front Squat x2 + Military Press x1 *perform on one side and then the other*6 round per arm  C: x3For Time: PVC Back Squats x10 PVC Thrusters x10 Push […]

Monday, June 21

Prep A: x2Prone Scorpion Stretch x:20+:20Pigeon Pose x:20+:20Down Dog x:30Up Dog x:20 Prep B: x3Jumping Jacks x30Jump Squats x3Bodyweight Squats x10Split Squats x5+5 A: x3Kettlebell Snatch x3 + Overhead Squat x3 *perform on one side and the the other B: x6EMOMHollow Hold x:10V Ups x:10 C: x10min Rep MaxKettlebell Snatch x2+2Goblet Squat x2Kettlebell Snatch x4+4Goblet Squat […]

Saturday, June 19

Prep A: x2Line Jumps x30+30+30Russian baby Makers x10 Prisoner Squats x10Walkouts +Push Up x5 Prep B: x4Kettlebell RDL x5Tiger Push Ups x5 A: x4Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift x7 right sideSquat Jumps x5Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift x7 left sideSquat Jumps x5Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift x7 right sideSquat Jumps x5Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift x7 left sideSquat Jumps x5 *Rest 1 minute between […]

Friday, June 18

Prep A: x2Athletic Warm Up:High Knees x10Butt Kicks x10 Side Shuffle x10+10Bodyweight Squats x10 Prep B: x2Seated Pike Stretch x:20+:20Pigeon Poset x:20+:20 Prep C: x2PVC Dislocators x10PVC Goodmornings x10Leg Swings in each direction x10 A: x4Turkish Get Up x1+1One Arms Swings x10+10 B: x10minRep MaxKettlebell Snatch 

Thursday June, 17

Prep A: x3Standing Pike Hamstring Stretch x:30+30Frog Stretch x:30Spiderman Stretch x:30+:30Pigeon Pose x:30+:30 Prep B: x1Jumping Jacks x200Bodyweight Squats x20 A: x31 & 1/2 Goblet Squats x5 *Perform a goblet squat then come up half way, squat down then stand and lock out = 1 rep B: x5Kettlebell Alternating Rows x:60V Sits x:60Bodyweight Squats x:60Rest […]

Wednesday, June 16

Prep A: x2Jumping Jacks x20PVC Dislocators x10 Prep B: x2Kettlebell Bent Over Rows x5+5Push Ups x10Dips x10 A: x5Every 2 min perform: Floor Press x5+5Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull x5 B: x3For time: Kettlebell Deck Squats x10Kettlebell Swings x10 

Tuesday, June 15

Prep A: x3Hip Flexor Stretch x:30+:30Side Lunge Stretch x:30+:30 Prep B: x3Leg Swings x10 each directionPVC Halos x10 Air Squats x10 @ 3:3:3 *3 seconds, pause, and up A: x3Long Cycle Clean and Push Press x5+5 Clean, push press then quickly re-clean and pause before performing another push press. After the first clean it should feel […]

Monday, June 14

Prep A: x3Supine Pec Stretch w PVC x:60Spiderman Stretch x:30+:30 Prep B: x2Jumping Jacks x20 Kettlebell Halos x10+10PVC Dislocators x10PVC Overhead Squats x10 A: x10Every :90Kettlebell Snatch + Snatch from the Rack + Snatch from the Top x1+1 *Perform a kettlebell snatch. Return the bell to the rack then re-snatch, the perform another snatch from overhead […]

Saturday, June 12

Prep A: x2Hip Flexor Stretch x:20+:20Seated Pike Stretch x:20+:20Glute Bridges x10 Prep B: x1Walkouts x5Spiderman Lunges x5+5Up Dog to Down Dog Push Ups x5Kettlebell Swings x10 + Goblet Squat x1 A: x1min on / 1 min offOne Arm Swings x10+10Push Ups x100 At the top of the minute perform one arm swings and then push […]