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Youth Athletics


The Foundation For Elite Athletic Performance  


Train with Cincinnati’s only FMS certified SFG and RKC instructors this fall!

Starting in October. 8 week program for only $499

To reserve your athlete’s spot call 513-549-0552
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Youth S&C Summer Camp – Returns Summer 2019 

Our athletes range from ages 13-18. These are the most important stages of athletic preparation. During these stages, we make or break an athlete.  A solid foundation of  strength will often determine your child’s success. Physical strength and proper conditioning is the foundation of all athletic performance. 

Is resistance training safe for youth athletes?
“One of the unfortunate myths regarding the training of young athletes is the notion that resistance training is either unsafe or unhealthy for younger adolescent and pre-adolescent athletes.  Studies show that young athletes who participate in a regular, well-supervised strength training program generally experience fewer and less severe injuries on the field than athletes who train improperly or not at all.”

It is often said the best PLAYERS are the best ATHLETES. The best ATHLETES are the best CONDITIONED.  The cornerstones of any sorts performance is strength and conditioning. Never accept any substitutes. You can run an athlete into the ground but unless there is proper strength work you will need guarantee your athletes success. To get faster you must get stronger!

Are you currently doing anything to improve all areas of your athlete’s strength and fitness? If not, WHY?

Every year that goes by that you do not improve upon the athletic ability of your young athlete, is another year that their competitors gain an edge.

Our 8 week program is a simple but effective for training young athletes to give them everything they need for improved strength, fitness and sports performance on the field. Our athletes range from the single sport to the 4 sports athlete throughout the year.

Our program has proven successful time after time for MALE AND FEMALE ATHLETES of EVERY SPORT.  This is the same strength system that  has been used for the last 10 years to train ALL levels of youth athletes and teams! Past athletes include D1 and D2 football and baseball players; National championship soccer players; State record holders in cross country, discuss, long jump, and numerous other track and field events; State champion wrestlers at 126lbs and 180lbs.

Several of our athletes have been offered athletic scholarships for colleges after participating in our summer programs.

Without the proper foundation of strength, explosive speed that comes from getting stronger, and proper conditioning, athletic ability will never truly develop. This foundation is one of the most important and crucial factors in establishing a champion athlete.

Don’t let your athlete waste away their summer sitting on the coach and not take advantage of this great program.


Train with Cincinnati’s only SFG and RKC instructors this fall!

Starting October 2018. 8 week program for only $499

To reserve your athlete’s spot call 513-549-0552
Or click the link at the bottom to order online.

Professional organizations who use the FMS; Anaheim Mighty Ducks; The Boston Red Sox Chicago Bears; Cincinnati Bengals; Cleveland Indians; Orange Count Fire Department; Texas A&M; University of Texas; The United States Military; The United States Secret Service; and many more.

Professional organizations who use the SFG system;  The Chicago Blackhawks; Mercy Health Care; Men’s Health; United States Special Forces; United States Secret Service; and several others.

Professional organizations who use the RKC system; The Cincinnati Bengals; Bucknell University; East Carolina University; University of North Carolina; and countless others.

To order online click below:

Youth S&C Summer Camp – Returns Summer 2019 

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