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Blog Quick Wrist Corrective Pt. 2


Quick Wrist Corrective Pt. 2

  • by QCKB
  • March 24, 2014

This is the second part of the quick wrists mobility. For the first portion, CLICK HERE.

This is a great trick to do if you have tight wrists or poor flexibility.

The top pic is a wrist-roll stretch. Start by interlocking your fingers with one hand palm towards the floor and the other hand with the palm up. Rotate your wrists to switch hand positions, one hand over the other, then back again. Try to make a figure-8 with your wrists.  Try to complete the drill with your palms closed, then again letting the palms go where they will. This will open the ulna and radius of the wrist as well as the carpals of the hand. Keeping the palms together or apart play on which part of the wrist/hand receives more stretch from the movement.


The bottom pic positions you on the floor with knees right under your hips and wrists directly underneath your shoulders. Rotate your wrists so your fingers point towards your legs (bottom right.) Apply gentle pressure onto your wrists. Remember to never stretch into pain.  Continue by pronating your wrists so that your palms face upward. This move addresses the wrist through the ulna, radius, and carpals. It also addresses the extensors and and flexors of the forearm. This is also good for moving up the chain into the elbow joint and the different heads of the bicep and tricep.

It cannot be stressed enough; perform these correctives to feel a stretch, not pain.



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