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For maximum strength, there is no greater tool than the barbell. 

The barbell is an often misunderstood and under utilized tool in strength training. In order to be strong, you must have a solid foundation of general strength. There is no better way to accomplish this than to get under the heavy weight of the bar. The barbell sessions at Queen City Kettlebell are where to learn the barbell lifts – and where to learn them right!

What does a kettlebell gym know about barbell training, you may ask? Everything! We are not dogmatic in our training, we just chose to have ‘kettlebell’ in our name. It is not about the tool but the philosophies behind it. We train with whatever tool is appropriate, kettlebell and barbell alike. We just happen to rely heavily on the kettlebell for its quick learning curve, accessibility, portability, safety and versatility. No other single tool allows us to do as much and do it as efficiently as the kettlebell. That is how they go hand-in-hand.

Our mission is to provide the best instruction to anyone willing to learn regardless of age or ability, barbell or kettlebell. Every session is structured in a way to provide technical instruction, allow the opportunity to practice skills and improve strength. The major focus is placed on technique – as with everything at Queen City Kettlebell. We believe in mastering the fundamentals while continually honing our technique and improving our strength.

Each session is centered around one or more of the Focused Lifts. The Focused Lifts being the deadlift, squat, and press. These are commonly known as the ‘Power Lifts.’  Rest is crucial between lifts and between sets – initially appearing to move slow with lots of rest time. This ensures you are both mentally and physically prepared for each lift. The majority of our time is centered around the programmed Focused Lifts, but we also include variants, correctives, progressions, and regressions for each lift. The sessions also include tools to enhance mobility and flexibility – which is extremely necessary in any sport.

Courses are taught by high-end professionals with extensive strength training experience in a friendly atmosphere found only around strong people who have nothing to prove. Egos should be left at home.

You mentioned something about powerlifting? What is powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a strength sport that includes three lifts: the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. Lifters in a powerlifting competition have three attempts at each lift, and the sum of the best squat, bench press and deadlift that day is the lifter’s total. Powerlifters are ranked by total within their weight class, and also by formula across weight classes; where the formula adjusts the total for the lifter’s bodyweight. Powerlifters may also compete as a team, and teams are typically ranked by the performance of each member in their respective weight class.

Do I have to compete in powerlifting, or will I have to compete in order to take the barbell sessions?

No, you do not have to compete in the sport of powerlifting, nor will you be required to participate in competitions. You should, however, be willing to compete with yourself. Some say a little competition is healthy.

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and much more useful in general.”

-Mark Rippetoe


New clients MUST attend at least one private intro session with a coach before being eligible for any of our group sessions in order to help ensure that we can provide the best coaching to the entire group. Please contact us to schedule your intro session. Private barbell sessions are also available.

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