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Blog Everything You read On The Internet Is Real -Abraham Lincoln


Everything You read On The Internet Is Real -Abraham Lincoln

  • by QCKB
  • November 28, 2014

First- read the link below. Actually just read the bold bulletins.


soccer_player_picThis is a REAL article from a real person. It is safe to say that this guy is NOT strong or nowhere near strong enough. The fact that someone in a relative prominent position would write / post misinformation that perpetrates the belief that there is no excuse for being strong only validates that A) There are still jackasses in the S&C world and that B) they do not understand the relative concept of being strong and most likely fear strength.

He also misquotes EXOS terribly. While they are on the forefront of “Functional Training,” they still utilize (on a daily basis) the foundational strength exercises that he tries to discredit in his key points. He contradicts himself as states players will see improvements with iso-lateral exercises as opposed to strength work. You know how you get better at iso-lateral exercises- YOU GET STRONGER! Attack the weaknesses and GET STRONGER at them.

He writes this article as if he were addressing the general population but only quotes soccer players as examples. If any athlete were to not receive strength work their performance would suffer. That has be shown in countless studies from every Ivy League school to the local community college. Yes EXOS is addressing functional training in attempts to shift the paradigm within the NFL. However, they ARE NOT abandoning tradition strength work as he makes it appear. Also, EXOS is addressing this training because there are still several teams in the NFL that utilize a large of amount of isolated exercises circa old school bodybuilding strength work.

He proposes a great question to his ‘clients’ where he asks would they rather look good or feel good. He is correct, most would rather feel good. I have yet to meet anyone who said they were too strong. No one has ever uttered those words in all seriousness.

A solid foundation of strength and mobility cures a lot. In fact strength cures a lot. If given the choice I would choose to be strong. Always choose to be strong! (Reifkin)

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.” -Rippetoe


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