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Blog Introducing: Queen City Kettlebell Book Club



Introducing: Queen City Kettlebell Book Club

  • by Queen City Kettlebell
  • February 20, 2017

It’s common knowledge that a certain book has been playing a major role in shaping things around Queen City Kettlebell lately. This book has opened up a dialogue amongst our coaches and clientele and has even affected our day-to-day interactions with others outside of our facility.  Never would we have imagined that a single book would change so much of the philosophy and the vision of what Queen City Kettlebell represents, so much so that it’s common to hear the book quoted daily during our classes and sessions. That book is Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.

This brought forth an idea of a book club (clearly not a “novel” idea, see what we did there?!), but this is not JUST your typical club (or wine-drinking club, depending on your social circle of book-loving friends). Ours is a book club with a purpose. We want to present books that will deliver an underlying theme: Becoming a better human being. So much of what we read tends to be fiction and may have great story telling, but what if we could take what we are reading and actually apply it in many areas to better ourselves: in our personal lives, our professional world, in the gym, our homes, and in our relationships?

Some may call this self-help, but again, we think it  just comes back to being a better human being. The principals highlighted in Extreme Ownership are pretty simple. SPOILER ALERT! It is all about taking personal responsibility and a leadership role in your own life. Reading through the 12 principles covered in the book not only changed the way we lead ourselves and coached our clients, but it also changed the way our clients worked with us, and even elevated the leadership skills of our clients in their professional careers.

Since implementing the strategies we learned in this book, we started noticing some key changes here at Queen City Kettlebell. One of those changes — without giving all of our secrets away — was the type of clientele we attracted to our facility. It was as if overnight we started attracting leader-type individuals who understood the roles of leadership and what it meant to work as a team, and to be a part of a community. From there the snow ball grew even bigger and gained even more momentum, and others were inspired in the process. And that is where the idea for this book club truly came about.

Let’s start by picking up a copy of Extreme Ownership (affiliate link to purchase below). If you have already read it, be patient. We already have the next book club suggestion on deck, but first let’s everyone get on the same page. #getsome #becoachable #upgradelife



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