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We want to have an open discussion about food. And we think you should, too.

Too many times when we discuss food we speak about what we DON’T eat instead of focusing on what we DO eat. Trouble arises when the one listening begins to judge the dietary choices of the one speaking because of the negative approach in regards to what is not on their menu. This type of approach tends to put both parties, or in some cases more, on the defensive.

Nutrition is always a touchy subject. While everyone knows healthy habits in the kitchen are important to achieving the better you that you desire, having a discussion about what we put in our mouths often times leads to a variety of feelings. Some good, some bad.  Because of those types of responses we choose not to use words like, ‘diet,’ or ‘detox,’ or any other fad adjective that is supposed to adequately represent our nutritional intake.

Continuing our philosophy of “Improving The Human Condition,” we strive to educate our clients to make better life choices when it comes to the food they eat. While we believe there is no one ‘diet’ or way of eating for everyone, we believe the approach is the same however, as we want all our clients to incorporate a balanced, healthy, nutritionally dense lifestyle.

Our goal is to keep this conversation opened ended as we discuss what foods we eat and why. We want to educate everyone as to what foods are best and what foods to avoid. This is not a one size fits all approach as nothing is at Queen City Kettlebell. Every person who walks through our door is an individual. Their nutritional needs are as unique as they are.

Nutritional guidance begins with a simple discussion and then assessing the weak links with our clients so that we can help determine the best course of action. Our coaches are lead by the certified education of Precision Nutrition. Adjusting day to day decisions helps build manageable changes to ensure our clients are successful in the long term; not just for “X” amount of time. We do not believe that hand holding as the best path to success.

Our nutritional guidance is built on a foundation of 2 key principles:

  1. Treat everyone as an individual.
  2. Make manageable changes to ensure long term success.

Would you like to be told what to eat OR would you rather learn how to incorporate a healthy, balanced, nutritional approach straight to your dinner plate?


“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

– Thomas A. Edison, US inventor (1847 – 1931)


Nutritional counseling is best discussed outside the environment of class sessions at Queen City Kettlebell. We feel it is best if we have the full attention of everyone involved when considering the benefits of a healthy lifestyle change and look to do so in a more intimate setting. Please contact us to schedule your free nutritional consultation. 

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