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At Queen City Kettlebell we are passionate about improving the human condition.  

We eat right and train right; We continue to make progress through a focus on our rest and recovery.  Now, R&R doesn’t call for sitting around housing pints of Graeter’s.  Effective R&R sets the stage for improved performance the next time we train.

Movement has certainly been around for a while and has countless variations and styles, each of which has its own contributions to growth, development, and potential. From yoga to pilates, MoveNat to the Ground Force Method, the list is long.  We are primarily interested in the body’s natural biomechanics and positive effects on physical performance. One style should not define how the body moves.

Movement, if properly organized, provides a framework to improve our capacity for healthy day to day living.  By increasing range of motion, challenging balance, and linking our breath to our movement, we improve our physical potential in and out of the gym.  Our sessions center on mindful positioning and breathing.  This awareness of our bodies leads to better control and helps foster improved mobility, stability, and strength.

Use these sessions to further develop a strong foundation of movement that you can carry with you everywhere, every day, all the time.

Classes are led by instructors drawing from years of study of movement and the human body. Instructors at Queen City Kettlebell blend traditional postures with mobilization techniques and natural movement for a session like no other – unlocking the joints, developing solid motor patterns, and keeping the spine supple.

“Never Stop Moving. ”

-Queen City Kettlebell 


New clients MUST attend at least one private intro session with a coach before being eligible for any of our group sessions in order to help ensure that we can provide the best coaching to the entire group. Please contact us to schedule your intro session. Private Move sessions are also available.

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