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Get To Know Intern Brady

  • by Queen City Kettlebell
  • April 5, 2018

As anyone who has trained with us for any period of time knows, we are a learning facility that promotes not only the growth of our own coaches, but also taking on highly motivated interns and teaching them real-world knowledge when it comes to working with clients, and practical experience in the day-to-day of being a coach.

We’ve had the pleasure of having Brady from Cincinnati State’s Health & Fitness Technology program intern with us since January. His sense of humor, passion for learning and ability to make our members feel at ease are evident if you’ve ever met him.  Get to know him a little bit better by reading his responses below!

Tell us about your internship experience so far at Queen City Kettlebell.

My experience at QCKB has been fun! I can always expect to come in every day and experience high energy, as well as extreme sarcasm. I’ve learned so much over these past several weeks from shadowing all the coaches here; as well as working with a huge variety of clients, all with different goals. I’m slowly seeing improvements every week at the gym from upgraded equipment, to having the a wall torn down and expanding the gym floor area. Overall this has been as good as an internship can get; thank you to DJ, Michelle, Mike and Sam for taking time and teaching me some things along the way.

What were some of the expectations you had coming in to this internship?

I came to QCKB and expected to learn how to implement kettlebells to future clients because I had no prior experience with them. Not only did I learn those basic skills, I also gained experience in leading group fitness classes. That really helped me as a coach; it forced me out of my comfort zone and made me take control and be a leader. Lastly, I got to experience having 1-on-1 with some of the clients and getting a feel for how a session goes and having to make my own decisions.

Given that you had the experience of learning about training from the instructor’s perspective as well as the client’s perspective, how would you describe what we do and use that to motivate someone who is new to training?

I think the fact that the coaches here take it step by step and assess each client based on their mobility, stability and prior injuries helps motivate the client to actually make progress while being pain-free. A lot of people get a bad stigma about strength training due to injury or inducing pain. Here at QCKB our coaches are considered the form police, and want what’s best for you. That means keeping you pain-free, strong and safe while training.

What has surprised you the most about working here?

Powerlifting. I had no idea I’d be walking into a corrective exercise-based facility that promotes kettlebells and also uses strength movements as exercise, compared to traditional boutique fitness facilities that use machines. I like powerlifting, and when I heard there’s additional classes that are barbell-oriented I knew I found the right internship and clients to work with.

Most valuable piece of advice?

Don’t use normal coffee grounds in the French Press. But seriously, the most valuable piece of advice I’ve gained here at QCKB would be to trust yourself. Whether that’s me questioning my own training philosophy, or to a client trusting themselves and believing that they can do something. Always trust yourself.

Give us two truths and a lie.

I’ve once ate 50 boneless wings in one Hooter’s visit, I tackled a kid once because he kept running the bases after I tagged him out in a T-Ball game, I used to work in a body shop.

Want to get to know Brady a little bit better? Come see him in action THIS SATURDAY at 11am for FREE WORKOUT SATURDAY. Details can be found HERE.

Thanks for all of your hard work, Brady! We love having you on the QCKB team!


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