Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts
Daily Workouts

Prep A: x2
Shin Box x10+10
Single Leg Glute Bridges x10+10
Lat Pull Obers x10
KBS x10 + GS x1

Prep B: x1
TABATA :20/:10 x8 (4min work time)
Jumping Jacks

A: x3
KB Snatch x6+6
KB Snatch x4+4
KB Snatch x2+2

*Perform reps on ea arm then rest as needed before repeating the ladder for 3 rounds total.

B: x3
Superplanks x
15V Ups x10

C: x5
KBS x10
Goblet Clean + Goblet Squat x10

*Goblet clean is getting the bell form the floor to the goblet position. Set bell down in reverse manner between reps. 

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