Dj Wittekind RKC / SFG

I started my career in personal training in 2003.  Since then I’ve continued to expand my knowledge in physical fitness with a number of certifications.  During that time, I also chose to pursue a career in the fire service.  Based on my personal experiences, the physical demands of my career, as well as the experiences of my clients, I have come to realize the importance of proper body maintenance.  I do not follow the mainstream idea that you need machines to increase your strength and conditioning.

Every client is unique in the challenges they present; be it physically, mentally, or from past fitness experiences.  Every client is treated as an individual and programs are customized to that client’s specific need and goal.  I not only want to help clients meet their fitness goals but I also want to supply them with the knowledge and benefits of kettlebells and proper body movement.  I utilize skills that will minimize injury while providing optimal health, energy and vitality for day-to-day activities.

Most of my clients are ordinary people who wish to improve their way of life.  Whether you want to lose weight, get back into shape, or just experience life to the fullest by strengthening your cardiovascular system, I am committed to helping you reach all your fitness goals in the safest, most effective, professional manner.

Current certifications:

SFG Kettlebell Instructor Level I
Primal Move L1 Instructor
IAFF + IAFC Peer Fitness Trainer
CrossFit Level I
CPR / AED Instructor

Carla Grimm RKC / SFG

My passion for kettlebell training began as a client here at QCKB in May 2011. I fell in love with the gym and kettlebells and obtained my HKC (entry level Instructor Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification) in December of the same year. I went on to achieve my RKC/SFG Level I certification in September 2012.

As a kettlebell group training coach, it is my primary goal to provide quality, safe, and effective instruction in a fun and supportive environment. Our class training programs are designed with a focus on proper form and technique, through which we enable QCKB clients to achieve their personal fitness goals, improve functional movement and gain strength…. And have a little fun too!

Current certifications:

SFG Kettlebell Instructor Level I

Jason Adams

I am a current student at Cincinnati State in the Health and Fitness program.  I’m currently certified by the International Sports Science Association.  My goal in the next 10-12 years is to start a health and wellness center for the general population and serve the community.

I chose the health and fitness field because this career path is the only occupation that I can wake up every morning and happily be involved in.  Helping people see their untapped strength and reach their goals provides me with a great amount of satisfaction.  Taking part in changing lives in a positive fashion, takes dedication, which I plan to give more of.  66% of Americans are overweight or obese, living with some form of chronic disease, or unable to afford rehab for some injury that happened at home or on the job.  My mission is to help these people.

If I had to describe my style of training, I would say that it would be strength and conditioning.  No matter if you’re your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or increase endurance, your regimen will be centered around strength and conditioning of some sort.  I’m very strict on form and technique and avoiding injury is my main concern.  I believe exercise should be enjoyable, but challenging and the relationship between the client and their trainer should be friendly in nature, but firm in accountability.

Current certifications:

I.S.S.A (International Sports Science Association)
Resistance Training (Cincinnati State)
Personal Training Certification (Cincinnati State)

Lauren Jaekle LMT, PTA

Having grown up in the Baton Rouge, LA, I attended Samford University in Birmingham, AL,. graduating with a BS in Exercise Science. I studied at the University of Cincinnati receiving my Associated Degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant. In 2011, I graduated from the SHI School of Medical Massage.

I am very client and goal oriented which complements my talents as a therapist. As a physical therapist assistant, I have incorporated massage into my treatments with my patients. I am ready to work with athletes and individuals who are interested in enhancing their health. I look forward to working out any trigger points that may be limiting range of motion and inhibiting improvement in my client’s fitness. Through a variety of massage techniques, I will help to correct muscle imbalances facilitating the trainer’s efforts to incorporate strength and function during their classes.

During my free time I enjoy cycling, challenging myself in the weight room, and learning new techniques in massage and physical therapy to continue to help each of my clients.

Current Certifications:

Neuromuscular therapy
Cranio-sacral therapy
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Golf Flexibility Therapy

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