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Our Approach

It all starts with the belief that quality always trumps quantity.
We practice coaching quality movement, which means that our initial focus is not how quickly you run a mile or how many pushups you can do, but simply how well you move. After all, it doesn’t pay to be strong and fast but constantly stiff, achy, and sore. We want you to be able to do the things you love, whether it’s swinging kettlebells, running a marathon, or just keeping up with your grandkids.   

All movement is exercise, but not all exercise is movement.

We promise you one thing: We will never have you to do a bicep curl (especially in the squat rack). The best physical training is that which directly benefits our day to day lives.  An emphasis on natural movements will ensure that our time together is both fun and practical. You may be the next Mr. Universe, but if you can’t run to catch the bus, carry your groceries, or pick yourself up off the floor, then you aren’t fit.

The body is a system, not just a pile of parts.

We see the body as a whole, not the lump sum. Our bodies are wonderfully complex, but it is often hard to understand how to best take care of them. Together we will discuss how simple changes to your lifestyle, through exercise, diet, mobility, and stretching can have huge benefits on how good your body feels.  There is no need to count calories or feel guilty over the occasional splurge.  Life (and especially food) should be enjoyable, not a chore. And most of all – you should NEVER feel guilty. 

You may be asking: What does this mean for me?
Your initial consultation sets the stage for our training. Together we will discuss your personal health and fitness goals; from losing weight and adding muscle, to strengthening bones and increasing mobility. This time is primarily about starting an ongoing conversation; the coach-coachee relationship is crucial to any successful program. We will also determine baseline movement quality with the Functional Movement Screen, which helps prioritize movement in your body (just make sure to dress comfortably! See our FAQ). This assessment is specific to you. There is no right or wrong; it just helps us to establish a measurable baseline for you. As for the training sessions themselves: they are as unique as you are. No cookie-cutter programs here! However, emphasis is always placed on safety first!

If all goes well, and most of the time it does, we will begin learning basic kettlebell skills. The skills are based on the patterns we assess during the FMS. We combine the entire process at the end of our session to implement a plan for you based on your assessment, your goals, and your ability to execute the newly learned kettlebell skills. We want you to be able to train with us and we want to make sure we can make that happen in the safest manner possible.

So what does all that mean?
We define what we do as: Moving Better and Getting Stronger.
We believe the key to a healthier you should not be complicated.


“Work capacity is what we strive for in our human endeavors.”

-Gray Cook

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